DayTradeToWin Explains Price Action Trading

John Paul from DayTradeToWin Explains His Trading Methods

Firstly, day traders are always looking for an advantage in the markets. Price action, as taught by DayTradeToWin, offers an advantage. Price Action simply refers to the activity seen on a day trading chart in the form of price candles or lines. You can use price action to know when to place a trade, how much to risk, and when to get out.

Through his day trading courses, John Paul from DayTradetoWin focuses on teaching exact strategies. His courses include the Trade Scalper, Atlas Line, Power Price Action, and Mentorship. Everything you need to know to become day trader is provided.

Rather than trading blindly, John Paul summarizes his objective approach here:

I’m trade the E-mini S&P primarily. It’s not easy to trade these futures markets unless you have a plan. You need to know what’s going on. You need to look at multiple conditions to confirm and filter trades.

What can you expect as a day trader?

Next, as a result of these courses, you can expect DayTradetoWin to teach you how to trade. There are risks in trading and no method guarantees profit. However, with an understanding of the markets, you can learn to reduce risk and maximize reward. Take a look at the videos to see how price action can improve your trading.

Finally, the best way to learn all the strategies is to participate in Mentorship. Mentorship is an eight week coaching program. All of our courses and software are included with lifetime licenses. Training is twice a week for an our each session. After the eight-week training,  you’ll know every strategy and how they work together to form a complete trading plan. The instruction is suitable for beginners to advanced traders. Each training session is recorded for future playback. The included support can help install the indicators and configure NinjaTrader. John Paul answers all trading questions himself in the live training and via email.


  1. Currently learning about the ATO ( At the Open method) first week’s class. Its very interesting how the focus is on learning the method first before adding the AT the Open software to the charts. I sort of cheated and added the software first to see what the signals look like, but they are exactly the same as what is covered in the course. Week 1 for me in the mentorship class and so far so good.

      • So far still good, i’m a new trader and pretty happy with what i’v learned so far. Solid trading education i must say. i’m surprised with how patient JP is with answering my questions. Sorry i ask alot of questions – ha ha. still practicing and making less rookie mistakes.

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