John Paul Uses E-mini Manipulation

John Paul from DayTradeToWin spots a Roadmap trade in the E-mini S&P on a Friday afternoon. The date for this trade is August 12, 2016. When looking at the candles at 13:00 (1:00 p.m. US/Eastern), is this the beginning of a downward trend? Is this a time to sell or place a short trade? Standard indicators (MACD, moving averages, Keltner channels, etc.) will probably provide a short direction. All of those interpretations and signals are incorrect. This results in losing money.

Certainly, the markets are manipulated. Institutions that use high frequency trading systems can bate other systems and even human traders into traps. Consequently, these false moves are best avoided. Rather than guessing tops and bottoms, you must know where to find the manipulation and how to handle it. In this situation, John Paul goes long, expecting the market to reverse. How does he know this? The Roadmap strategy. The Roadmap is a specific pattern where the market often responds to manipulation. As a trader, you can use the Roadmap for entries and to confirm direction. Therefore, if you were using the Atlas Line or another trading system, you have greater assurance that the direction to go long (buy) is correct.

How Do I Get John Paul’s Roadmap Strategy?

In conclusion, the best way to handle manipulation is with the Roadmap. The only way to get the Roadmap is to participate in the Mentorship Program. Mentorship is an eight week coaching course where John Paul shows you all of his price action strategies, including the ATO, Atlas Line, Trade Scalper, and much more. The education environment allows traders to ask questions and receive immediate answers. Students watch the video recordings to reinforce the live training. Email support is included. Finally, because NinjaTrader is a free platform, there is no cost to practice. Traders often set up a broker account after practicing the strategies. John Paul recommends a slow and cautious approach to live trading.

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