Day Trading Class Makes All the Difference

How was your first month trading in January, 2017? There was certainly enough activity and news events to keep traders guessing. If your performance was less than stellar, perhaps it’s time to change your approach and do something new for this new year. One way is to consider enrolling in the upcoming Group Mentorship Program. Mentorship is an eight week day trading class designed to teach traders from any skill level how to be consistently successful with futures markets.

8-Week Day Trading Class

What makes the Mentorship Program from Day Trade to Win different than any other day trading class? Well, the coach of the eight-week training is the founder himself, John Paul. You’re learning directly from the guy who wrote the courses and created the software. With the one-on-one program, you can speak directly with him. Mentorship allows you to see his charts as he explains each method. You can get instant clarification for any concept. Another major point – everything is based on price action and objective rules. If the specific pattern is not present, there’s no trade. If you can follow rules, then there’s a good chance you can be a successful trader.

What’s included? This day trading class includes all of the courses and software with lifetime licenses. If you were to purchase the 10 or so trading methods individually, you would be well over the price of the Mentorship Program. Mentorship is heavily discounted considering what’s offered. Also, many of the methods are not sold separately. The Roadmap, ATO, Price Action scalping, and several other strategies are exclusive to Mentorship.

Ready to take the leap? Head on over to DayTradeToWin to get your day trading coach.

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