Trading Signals for NinjaTrader – Real-time Atlas Line

Here’s a real-time Atlas Line trade placed by John Paul. With automatic trading signals, there’s no guesswork. The profit target and stop loss values are always based on the ATR (Average True Range). This is why John Paul is going for over 1.5 points and the stop loss is about double the ATR. If the market was slower, the profit target and stop loss would be less because the market is less likely to move a greater distance. One good way of seeing if there may be increased volatility in the near future is to check for economic news events. The news indicator for NinjaTrader 8 and 7 offered by displays news events on the chart. Bloomberg’s Economic Calendar is also useful – check for events marked with a red star, as these cause the most volatility. Generally, it’s advisable to stay out of the market until news volatility subsides.

If the profit target is not hit, there are rules for getting out of the trade. For example, the time-based stop says to wait a maximum of four bars (20 min. on a 5-min chart), then exit. If there’s a closing price on the opposite side, If the target is not hit, John Paul exits the market within a certain amount of time. On a 5-min chart, this time-based stop is four candles or 20 minutes. If price happens to close on the opposite side of the Atlas Line, then you can get out immediately according to the prove-it stop. What if neither of these conditions happen and price suddenly and strongly goes against your trade? That’s what the catastrophic stop is for – a safety net to keep you in during regular fluctuations, yet get you out of something drastic happens. John Paul teaches multiple strategies to filter trades, which can help in eliminating those that are higher risk.

Other Trading Signals?

The additional strength, pullback, and bounce trades provide more opportunities. On trending days, the strength trades can give you more entries as the market climbs up or down. Bounce trades are ways to take advantage of price reversals that occur on the Atlas Line.

There are two ways to get an Atlas Line lifetime license: the eight-week, all-inclusive Mentorship Program or simply purchasing a lifetime license that’s standalone.

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