Trading Indicators – Price Action Goes Beyond

Over seven years from the launch of the website and thousands of traders helped, DayTradeToWin is still be the leading educational resource for aspiring and veteran traders. First, it was the ATO strategy (At the Open), a trading system that provides entries based on the initial morning breakout move in the E-mini S&P. To this day, this strategy is still taught (only now made exclusive to the Mentorship Program). From there, software was created to identify the ATO trades automatically. Programmed for NinjaTrader, the ATO indicator can pinpoint the exact price and direction for traders to follow. Unlike other vendors who focus on trading indicators, DayTradeToWin’s products focus on price action.

Price Action Scalping, a new strategy, was frequently paired with the ATO. Using 250-tick charts, the Price Action Scalping method is now also found exclusively in Mentorship. The goal is taking multiple, small trades to increase one’s profit throughout the day. This strategy is accompanied by the TickCounter, a sister of the BarTimer indicator. The TickCounter indicates how many ticks are left in the current plotting candle (and thus how many ticks until the next candle begins).

Next, the Atlas Line was created. The Atlas Line remains as one of the most popular trading systems in the market, providing hundreds of traders with signals on a daily basis. The proprietary method was developed by John Paul to assist institutional traders. It was later adapted to NinjaTrader indicator software for the common retail trader. The version seen today calls out long and short trades, pullback and strength trades, all while confirming the direction the market is expected to take. One of the reasons why DayTradeToWin continues to be successful is the emphasis on teaching. A live training tclass is included with all courses and software.

There’s More to It than Trading Indicators

The Trade Scalper came later, providing another way to scalp considering market trends. The Trade Scalper indicator is advanced in the way it plots horizontal and vertical lines, letting traders know upcoming opportunities where a scalp setup may occur. Again, the goal of scalping is to rack up multiple winning trades. With a profit target ranging from two to four ticks per trade, and a maximum stop loss of six ticks, this strategy is designed for accuracy. Of course, the rules are fully explained in the digital manual and the live training.

Last but most inclusive, we have the Mentorship Program. It’s offered in two packages: the Group Mentorship and Individual. Group puts you in a room with other traders who want to learn how to apply price action daily to trading charts in order to be consistently successful. Individual Mentorship offers the same content, only it’s more flexible – you pick the class times and you can speak directly with John Paul through Skype. It’s the best way to learn everything and receive all the content through eight weeks of live training. Forget about the traditional trading indicators – it’s time for price action!

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