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Are you looking for the fastest way to become a day trader and learn trading software? We’ve uncovered a few tricks that will speed up the learning process and decrease the learning curve. Watch the video to see how John Paul, from uses the Trade Scalper method to win two trades in real-time.

Firstly, unless you’re visiting the website of an official broker or commercial trading platform, be VERY careful as the industry is riddled with get rich quick schemes. The truth is, like anything, you will need to practice. Fortunately, there’s a trading platform that let’s you practice at your own pace on your own free time. That platform, or trading software, is called NinjaTrader.

With NinjaTrader, you can use a feature called Market Replay to download and play back market data as though it’s happening live, in the moment. This brings you as close to trading live markets as possible without risking any real money. This experience is priceless. Most importantly, you can get NinjaTrader for free. There are may free resources for learning NinjaTrader. For now, we recommend NinjaTrader 7 and eventually switching over to NinjaTrader 8.

Trading Software & Real-time Data

Now that we’ve gotten the basic trading software out of the way, you need to know what you’re doing with the chart that’s in front of you. One way is to sit there and guess at what the market may do next. That’s a bad, expensive idea. You may get lucky, but to be successful in the long term, you don’t want to stake your livelihood on luck. You’ll want something that has been proven to work long-term.

This is where a well-documented company like comes in. They do not guarantee any performance. By the way, no trading company should guarantee performance because it will be against regulations to do so. Instead, they stand behind their products. Over 300 videos are offered on the website going back to 2009. Many of the videos show show real-time trades and testimonials from real traders. They include free customer support and live training with each purchase. Very few vendors, if any, can match Day Trade to Win in its long-term approach to ensuring the success of traders.

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