Learn to Day Trade – Great Summer Trading Ahead

Day Trade to Win is one of the top day trading educators in the industry. Their coaching programs and educational courses are suitable for all experience levels. The next eight-week class begins April 11, 2017 This class focuses on learning 10 or so unique price action trading methods. In addition, this special class will cover the unique market behavior investors are expecting this summer as well as how to manage manipulation. This new class will occur on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. The beginning of 2017 was a great time to trade, and many more opportunities are expected throughout the year. Now is the time to learn to day trade!

On the first week of class, students learn the At the Open (ATO) strategy. This method focuses on finding a breakout in the E-mini S&P market. That means looking for a specific pattern of candles that exceed a specific range value. The second week, training focuses on the Price Action Scalping method. This strategy uses a 250-tick chart to look for small moves in a fast market. From there, students move on to more advanced strategies like the Trade Scalper, Atlas Line, Blueprint, Roadmap, and much more.

Learn to Day Trade

Learn to day trade

Nearly anyone who has spent a small amount of time researching trading methods can say how saturated the space is with junk indicators and false claims. Even indicators that are said to work over a long period of time eventually need to be optimized. Expensive trading rooms require hefty monthly subscription fees. Isn’t it better to go with a program offered by a long-standing company that is one price, comes with a payment plan, and teaches you how to trade independently? Yes. What about a class that is recorded so that you can play back the classes later as a refresher or in case you missed a class? Yes again. What about answering questions live in the training and email support afterwards? Yes, this is also included. For many, Mentorship is a no-brainer.

Another thing that sets Day Trade to Win apart from other vendors is the live trading practice environment. At no cost, NinjaTrader is provided along with live data. Students practice using real-time charts as though they’re using real money. NinjaTrader tracks performance and produces reports. Students can gauge success with these reports to better understand how they may perform with a funded account.

John Paul, founder of Day Trade to Win and lead instructor has said: “If you’re going to become a pro trader, you need the same tools and the same ideas as a pro trader. That’s what I provide. In eight weeks time, you’re going to learn everything I have to share about the markets. Nothing is held back. You’ll know how to find multiple trades, exactly where and how to place each trade, and how to manage yourself day to day in the markets.”

Know What to Expect

Remember that no trading strategy is 100% profitable. You will experience losses and you will be exposed to significant loss. Therefore, you should speak to a broker and a financial professional to make sure trading is right for you. As with any type of investment or trading, past performance is not an indication of future performance.

If you want to learn to day trade seriously, be sure to register for Mentorship early. Class size is limited to ensure a more personalized experience for each student. Normally, students submit the deposit up front. This provides access to the first week’s course right away. On or before the first day of class, the first of two recurring payments is billed. Then about 30 days later, the final payment is billed. Some students opt to pay for the course in full before it begins. This provides access to all the course materials right away. Remember that the support staff can assist with installing the materials and setting up the software within NinjaTrader.

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