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One way to reach people who are interested in becoming day traders is to conduct live webinar presentations. A live webinar gives you the opportunity to sit in front of a real-time chart and see the same candles/bars plot and get the same signals as though you were really day trading for income. Of course, there are some differences, but overall, the feeling is very much the same. Getting an understanding of a trading platform like NinjaTrader can be intimidating. However, the learning curve is lessened with the live training and customer support from

There are two main ways you can approach day trading: figure it out on your own by trial and error or by paying for education. The former is very costly. The market will eat up your money, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. In addition, the only time you have to play with the market is when you’re trading with live, real funds. You won’t be able to get any good real-time practice in. Instead, offers a real-time learning environment with the NinjaTrader software. You can practice with real-time charts as though you’re trading with a real account. No money or risk is involved. Also, you’ll get to learn a few trading methods that will help you stay objective. Trading School

Live webinars provide beginners and advanced traders alike a way to gauge the style and performance of a trader who is offering his or her products. Take a look at this recent live webinar conducted by John Paul of You will see that he makes an effort to answer all of the questions in the room and provides honest answers. In fact, he even says he prefers trading 5-min charts over scalping and using 1-min charts. For him, bigger moves and fewer trades are better. However, every trader is not the same. You might find that you prefer taking more trades with smaller profit targets. That’s one of the reasons he provides the Trade Scalper course.

What’s the best way to become a professional trader?’s Mentorship Program. In Mentorship, you receive all the courses and software with lifetime licenses. You’ll learn over 10 strategies. Training is twice a week for eight weeks. You have direct, live access to your teacher during the lessons. Afterwards, you can email him with any of your trading questions. The support team can also assist with installation of the materials. There’s no other program on the market like it, and the testimonials and longevity of the company speak volumes.

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