ATO 2 (At the Open) Day Trading Course

John Paul from DayTradeToWin released a video showing his new ATO 2 software for NinjaTrader 8. In the video, you can see four consecutive days of winning signals. The goal of the ATO (At the Open – see a review here) is to go for over two points every day and be done by noon. The software and underlying strategy is based on price action. This means no complex equations, indicators, or tricky rules. No guesswork is involved. You fully learn how to find the trades on your own. Most traders prefer to use the automated signals.

What about the trades? Well, when you see an ATO Short signal, this means price is expected to drop and it’s time to place a trade. Similarly, ATO Long signals expect price to rise. The software generates these signals to allow enough time for you to use the SuperDOM or Chart Trader to place a trade. Four days of the E-mini are reviewed. Yes, the E-mini is the recommended market for the ATO method.

Notice the ATO-C signals. These are Trade Chaser signals. Think of them as follow-up trades that you can take later to possibly recover from earlier market activity or add to existing wins. Do not expect many trades beyond noon, US/Eastern. By that time, the market usually slows down. In the afternoon, you can use another strategy such as the Atlas Line, Trade Scalper, or others taught in Mentorship.

Like other strategies taught by DayTradeToWin, the ATR (Average True Range) determines the risk and reward. In the course and included live training, you will learn how to easily determine where to place the profit target and stop loss. Trading is risky. Only trade with money that you can afford to lose.

What’s Included With the ATO?

Two bonuses are included with purchase of the day trading course: the How to Trail a Stop video and the ABC software for NinjaTrader 8. Yes, the ABC software provides entry signals. The ABC is a nice addition because the method can find additional trades in the afternoon. Of course, expect the same highly reviewed support, optional remote installation assistance, and a training video for the ATO strategy itself.

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