Trading Cycles Exposed by Price Action

The E-mini S&P operates in trading cycles. Periods of volatility are meet with periods of stagnation. When there is considerable rise, the market will eventually stall and drop. In this webinar, John Paul discusses how to anticipate these conditions and what to do when they occur. He advises trading when the ATR (Average True Range) is between one and four points. Generally, these conditions occur within the first 2.5 hours of the day.

Be careful when trading at the end of the day. Traders are squeezed out of positions near the close of the session. A rise in volatility is also common at the close.

As seen in the video, the Atlas Line’s backend for NinjaTrader 8 is straightforward. You can set an alert sound that plays when a signal fires. You can set the market’s open time. This is the basis for the software’s internal calculation. There are a few different types of signals provided. There are regular Long and Short trades as well as S (Strength) and P (Pullback) trades. The goal is to manage each trade with a variety of exit strategies (profit and loss).

The news indicator for NinjaTrader 8 provides noteworthy financial news directly on the chart. Watch for high-priority events for countries that are related to the market you’re trading.

Roadmap Software vs. Trading Cycles

One great way to determine when cycles may start or end is to use the Roadmap software. Trending days typically occur back-to-back. Switch to a daily or hourly chart to see how long the candles are (red or green) and look for groups of three or more candles.

The Mentorship Program gives you an opportunity to work directly with John Paul. Learn all of his trading methods, from the revised ATO 2 strategy to the Roadmap and the Blueprint trade. Students receive about 10 different strategies taught live. You will receive all trading courses and software with lifetime licenses. You will learn from recent charts, including the current day.

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