How to Use NinjaTrader 8 the Easy Way

Day trading is intimidating. Learning how to use NinjaTrader, or your preferred trading platform, can be difficult. A trading platform is the main or base software a trader uses to interact with a market. NinjaTrader 8 is an example of such a platform. Within NinjaTrader, there are hundreds, if not thousands of individual features and settings to be used and configured. Day trading is risky as it is. When you add the platform’s complexity, it’s difficult to know if you’re doing it all correctly.

DayTradeToWin has attempted to simplify the process of learning how to day trading. In this video, a presenter tackles the basic setup and operations of the NinjaTrader platform. Learn day trading using the accompanying Get Started Trading Guide.

NinjaTrader 8 has numerous performance improvements. Most traders find it easier to use compared to the previous version. For example, you can easily open a chart via New > Chart > navigate through the type of market/instrument (e.g. futures) > configure the settings on the right > click OK. A chart will appear. On the top of the chart, enable Chart Trader’s hidden mode and the crosshair. Optionally add new charts to the same floating window via the tabs at the bottom.

How to Use NinjaTrader Video

  • Downloading and installing NinjaTrader
  • Obtaining a live futures data feed for practice (sim) trading
  • Correctly applying a data feed
  • Opening a chart and recommended settings (Chart Trader, crosshair, etc.)
  • Navigating between charts using tabs
  • Installing and applying indicators
  • Saving configurations (presets, templates, and workspaces)
  • Tracking performance using Account Performance

Installing indicators is straightforward. Go to Tools > Import NinjaScript Add-On > navigate to the folder containing the downloaded indicator .zip file and select it > click Open or OK > the indicator should import successfully. Next, right-click the chart > Indicators > find the imported indicator and double-click it > configure any desired settings on the right > click OK.

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