Multiple ATO 2 Trade Signals Reviewed

What happens when a market opens? Most often, volatility increases and the market maintains a direction for a few candles. The ATO 2 (At the Open 2) strategy from focuses on finding such trades. Yes, a specific pattern exists that you can apply to find winning trades in markets like the E-mini S&P. To make it even easier, the ATO 2 indicator for NinjaTrader 8 plots entry signals on your chart. These signals tell you exactly when to place trades and the anticipated direction.

What about the profit target and stop loss? The ATO 2 is designed with risk in mind. The ATR indicator (common on most platforms) is used to determine profit target and stop loss. Configure the ATR with a period value of four. Go back to the chart. See how the ATR line increases when there’s more movement? Well, if the ATR value is above 4.5 points or so, then the market is moving too fast to trade. Similarly, if the ATR is below one point, the market is too slow. Don’t trade and avoid the chop. Overall, the ATO 2 is adaptive based on realistic goals for current market conditions.

What About the ATO 2 Signals?

The ATO 2 produces two types of trades: regular Long and Short signals. There are also ATO-C trades, which stand for Trade Chaser signals. Trade Chasers are follow-up trades you can take to try to recover or add to existing gains. All of the signals are taught during the live training and included course.

At this time, the ATO 2 software is available for NinjaTrader 8 only. If you need to download NinjaTrader 8, support can assist. You will be able to practice with real-time markets and log performance in simulation mode. It’s a great way to practice.

Recently, the E-mini has been volatile. On the day this live webinar was recorded, there was a scheduled FOMC news event. Generally, market activity is choppy right before the event comes out. That’s because traders are waiting on the sidelines. Once it comes out, expect increased volatility.

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