Trading Strategies: Atlas Line, ATO 2, and ABC

Don’t you just love it when multiple trading strategies agree on market direction? That’s what we see here on this E-mini chart using the Atlas Line and ATO 2 software on NinjaTrader 8. The Atlas Line’s Strength and Pullback trades are also in the long direction. Later in the day (in section B as John Paul calls it), the Atlas Line produces a Short signal. Two closing trades below the line is what caused the signal. Based on the ATR, the profit target is around two points. Price did reach the profit target. Price action has been slow lately, but because the market tends to operate in cycles, John Paul believes volatility will soon pick up.

You’ve probably seen other videos explaining how the ABC method works. On the June 9 chart from the video, notice the A section of the day (shaded yellow). The market tests this range. Subsequently, short Atlas Line Strength and Pullback signals occurred. In addition, notice how the ATO 2 short signal appeared right outside the range of A. The ABC software seen on the chart produces signals. An ABC signal appears right after the ATO 2 signal. John Paul advances the video, and sure enough, look at that trend. What a great display of three separate strategies confirming market direction.

The ABC generates a signal late in the day around the late-day sell-off time. Volatility is good at around 11 ticks or three points. Remember to have your stops ready. Use NinjaTrader’s ATM Strategy feature to have the platform apply them automatically. Follow what price action tells you – don’t guess!

Multiple Trading Strategies, One Program

What’s the best way to get these three trading strategies at a low price? We have a new Mentorship class that starts June 19, 2017. All of our courses and software are included. You’ll walk away a pro trader with over 10 price action strategies in your arsenal. You’ll be able to spot the same trades John Paul sees on a daily basis. In addition, you’re provided a full practice environment that can help setup for free via remote support.

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