ATO 2 Software Signals for Futures & Currencies

On June 13, the ATO 2 software for NinjaTrader 8 generated a signal worth 7 ticks or 1.75 points. The entry price was 2432 and the profit target, based on the ATR (Average True Range) was 2430.25. To compute the profit in dollars, remember that the E-mini is worth $12.50 per tick. This trade is worth seven ticks, so do $12.50 x 7 for a profit of $87.50. If you were trading 10 contracts, the profit would have been $875. Note that the profit here is an estimate and does not include broker costs, slippage, or other potential trading expenses.

Of course, the best time to trade the ATO 2 is when the ATR is at least one point. At market open, certainly on the E-mini S&P, price often exceeds the one-point minimum. On average, the ATO 2 fires off a couple signals per day. You may also see a Trade Chaser trade (notated as ATO-C on the chart). These Chaser trades provide additional opportunities. It’s sort of like the ATO 2’s Pullback or Strength signals, only a much different pattern. The ATO 2 works for markets other than the E-mini. Think of how many markets become volatile when they first open for the day or around the time the big markets open for trading (e.g. 9:30 a.m. US/Eastern).

What Else Is Included With the ATO 2 Software?

In conclusion, with purchase of the ATO 2, you will receive the digital course and live training. The training covers all aspects of finding the patterns manually and using the signal software. In addition, you receive a training video from a previous live training session. Combined with email support for trading questions and optional remote support for installation, it’s a great deal. What else is included? The bonus ABC software and bonus “How to Trail a Stop” video. Yes, you are given an additional signal software that compliments your ATO 2 trades.

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