NinjaTrader Entry Signals – ATO 2 & Atlas Line

Yesterday, the E-mini produced great trades for the Atlas Line and ATO 2 proprietary indicators. The first of the NinjaTrader entry signals was generated by the Atlas Line at 2442.75. Soon after, an ATO 2 entry signal appeared at 2443. These signals occurred about 10 minutes from each other. You can count on the Atlas Line generated a generate within the first 30 minutes of market open (and usually one or two more later in the day). Because the Atlas Line can provide an indication of expected market direction so early, the ATO 2 is a perfect accompanying strategy.

All clients who use the Atlas Line and ATO 2 receive the same signals as John Paul. You are taught a total risk/trade management strategy. The ATR (Average True Range) is used to assess risk in the moment. This ensures trading goals are within a reasonable amount. There’s no need to extend your account and take on more risk than is necessary. The Atlas Line and ATO 2 are sold separately. The only time they are included is in the eight-week Mentorship coaching program.

Later, an ATO-C trade appear. This denotes an ATO 2 Trade Chaser setup. These are potential money-making opportunities that occur after the main signals. Watch the full video to see how this trade panned out in real-time. Notice how the Atlas Lines Strength trades (small S letters near the candles) coincide with the ATO signals. Again, another example of synergy between the two strategies.

Beyond NinjaTrader Entry Signals

John Paul was able to place the profit target and stop loss quickly because of predefined values. Configure an ATM Strategy and select it in the SuperDOM. The next time you place a trade, the profit target and stop loss will be placed for you. When using a 5-min chart, timing is very important. Combine an ATM Strategy with the Bar Timer to time each trade perfectly. Yes, ATM and the Bar Timer are included for free as part of NinjaTrader.

If you want to be a professional trader using the ATO 2, Atlas Line, and a whole bunch more methods, sign up for the next Group Mentorship class. The next eight-week class begins Aug. 28, 2017. Classes are Mondays and Wednesdays at 5 p.m. EDT. All courses and software are provided with lifetime licenses. Each training session is recorded, so you can log in and refresh through playing back videos.

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