Day Trading Video: E-mini S&P 2 Point Winner

Subscribing to the DayTradeToWin YouTube channel will provide you with automatic notifications when a new day trading video is uploaded. It’s really the best way to see every video that gets posted, and we know there’s a lot of them. We know for a fact there’s over 300 videos currently, and recently John Paul is producing a new day trading video every week or two. Many videos focus on free education and show real-time charting conditions.

Remember, subjects your finances to substantial loss. Only trade with money you can afford to lose. Too many traders are eager to jump in and start making money right away. It doesn’t work like that. There are no overnight millionaires. Successful day trading may require, but is not limited to, the following: the ability to properly assess risk, a strategy that has profits that exceed the losses and other costs of day trading, proficiency using the trading software, and stability in terms of computers and a broker.

This video shows an Atlas Line trade. Yes, this trade occurs right after market open. The Atlas Line almost always provides a trade within the first 30 minutes of market open. To provide a signal, the software waits for two candles to close either above or below the plotted line. When the second candle closes, a long or short signal appears on the chart. If price is above the line, it will be a long signal. The opposite is true for a short signal. One way to potentially filter out losing trades is to look for overbought and oversold conditions. This is taught in the included live training.

Signals in the Day Trading Video

When the second candle closes and a signal fires off, that is the point in which you can place a trade. To make trade placement faster and more convenient, you may want to use NinjaTrader’s ATM Strategy feature. Ahead of time, you can define profit target and a stop loss values. When a trade is placed with the desired ATM template selected, you will see the profit target and stop loss applied in the SuperDOM. If you also have NinjaTrader’s Chart Trader enabled, the profit and stop will also be visible there, too. In fact, Chart Trader lets you drag and drop the profit and stop. Be careful in doing so, as you essentially put yourself behind the orders of other traders. is home to hundreds of other trading videos.

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