Trading Systems for 2017: ATO 2 and Atlas Line

Two of the best trading systems for 2017 are the Atlas Line and ATO 2. John Paul’s recent webinar taught traders how to handle slow market activity often seen during summer months. As we head into late summer, we’ve fortunately seen an increase in volatility. The ATR (Average True Range) is used as the indicator of volatility, with a range of 2 to 4 points considered good for trading. We’ve seen a few days lately where it’s reached around 3 points. Faster markets mean more potential, which means larger possible profits (and losses). Take a look at this ATO 2 trade in this video, for example.

This trade was taken at the end of a live webinar. You can hear John Paul answering questions from one of the attendees. The ATO 2 trade can take up to twenty minutes or so. That’s why the video was sped up. If price did not reach the profit target, one of the stop strategies would have been used, such as a 20-minute time-based stop. Let’s say price suddenly dropped away from the profit target. That’s where the catastrophic stop is used. It’s a safety net for sudden and significant loss. This trade was worth +2.25 points, equivalent to $112.50 per contract on the E-mini S&P.

The website has a free trading downloads section that contains many useful links. You can download the NinjaTrader 8 trading platform, a free news indicator, and time sync software to keep your computer’s clock in check.

What about the Atlas Line? Let’s jump to early in the webinar. The Atlas Line produced a short signal at 2459.25. This signal appeared because of two closing candles below the dashed blue line. If price produces two closing bars above the line, a long signal will appear. Notice how this trade appeared soon after market open. The ATR is above 2.5 points. For the additional Strength and Pullback trades, look to see if the market is overbought or oversold. Look at the 10:05 a.m. Strength signal. Even though it worked out, John Paul believes it was riskier because the market was more oversold.

Trading Systems for 2017:  Atlas Line

The Atlas Line can produce two or more trades per day. When factoring in the Strength and Pullback trades, you have plenty of opportunities. Pick the best. There’s no need to chase the high-risk trades. At about 22:00 into the video, follow along and try your hand at guessing the profit target. If the target is touched, then you may want to close our of the trade. You can close out at market or use an MIT order (market if touched). Because this was 2+ point trade on a Friday, it’s better to be more conservative. Exit the trade. If you lose a tick, it’s not a big deal.

The Mentorship Program is the best way to get the ATO 2 and Atlas Line in one package. In fact, you get over 10 strategies with lifetime licenses. We have new classes that begin all the time. The next one is August 28. Click here to check out the details. Classes are twice a week in a webinar room. You can see John Paul’s charts as he explains how to find trades. The goal is to have you learn, not blindly follow a trading room or an indicator.

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