Profit Targets and Stops – January Effect

Do you recall John Paul’s predictions from earlier this year? He said the E-mini S&P would go up by the end of 2017. Look at what’s happened so far. The E-mini S&P has reached all-time highs! This video summarizes the January Effect trading strategy as well as an approach to finding additional opportunities in the next couple of months. You’ll learn enough to know where to place those profit targets and stops.

In short, the January Effect works like this: if the month of January closes higher (usually January 31) than the price when it opened (usually January 2), then you can expect to also close higher in December of the same year. Of course, any trading method is subject to fail with a significant financial loss, so only trade with money you can afford to part with. In most cases, price rises consistently throughout the year, which provides many entry opportunities. If your brokerage account allows, you can ride the price up, hopefully to profit territory.

How Do You Place Your Profit Targets and Stops?

The January Effect entries require a bit of understanding. Firstly, you have to wait for price to drop. This will need to occur for a few days. Then you’ll need to see price begin to head back up for about six or so days. Use the Fibonacii tool and configure it to show three lines: a line at 0%, one at 50%, and the other at 100%. This helps because to can accurately see the halfway point between two price values. Apply the Fibonacci tool to the retracement. Wait for price to pass through the 50% with momentum and you have yourself an entry. To know when to get out, watch the video.

This is just one of the many trading methods John Paul will touch on during the next eight-week Mentorship Program. You will learn all of his trading strategies. By the end of the eight weeks, you’ll have a complete understanding. All courses and software are included with lifetime licenses. It’s one of the best deals for personal coaching (with solid, unique methods) available today.

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