Trading Tips and Tricks – Trading Challenge Tests Multiple Strategies received many emails asking when this video would be posted. Many traders attended and asked a number of great questions. On occasion, John Paul holds webinars such as these, where he publicly demonstrates his trading methods in real-time conditions. He also shares a number of trading tips and tricks. In these videos, see how the Atlas Line, Roadmap, ATO 2, and Trade Scalper faired in the E-mini S&P 500 (ES). Recently, the Atlas Line has a produced a number of great trades. In fact, John Paul showed what taking a live trade would be like based on a live Atlas Line signal. Another winning trade was placed later using the Trade Scalper.

Part 1:

  • 00:00-13:30: Understanding the free ABC trading method
  • 13:31-14:50: Atlas Line review of recent trades
  • 14:51-16:56: Roadmap, Atlas Line, ATO 2 and Trade Scalper trading review
  • 16:57-17:56: Using the ATO 2 and Roadmap together
  • 17:57-20:14: Real-time Atlas Line winning trade

Part 2:

• 00:00-02:34: A second real-time Atlas Line signal
• 02:35-06:39: How to possibly minimize risk using trade management
• 06:40-07:28: Configuring the Trade Scalper for the best performance
• 07:29-11:28: Questions from traders about the bar timer and Atlas Line
• 11:29-13:26: Using the Atlas Line and Trade Scalper together on a 1-min chart
• 13:27-19:08: News events + ATO 2 trades
• 19:09-22:39: Real-time Trade Scalper winning trade
• 22:40-27:09: Spotting good volatility in the markets

Trading Tips and Tricks

With many of the trading courses sold by DayTradeToWin, you receive a bonus. For example, the ATO 2 includes the bonus “How to Trail a Stop” video and the ABC indicator (which automates the method seen in the first part of the video above). The Trade Scalper comes with the X-5 strategy, which focuses on finding moves that are based on manipulation. The included live training teaches you how to combine the strategies to find the potential winning opportunities in the markets. The goal is to be a consistently successful trader.

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