E-mini Charts – 2 Consecutive Winning Days

Take a look at these two back-to-back days of E-mini charts using the Atlas Line and ATO 2. Using 5-min charts, these two trading indicators can display signals that confirm one another. In many cases, the signals will appear before a big move occurs. This allows you to get into a potentially winning position ahead of time and ride the market up or down into success territory. If the trades goes against you, there’s a chance you could get out at a smaller profit, breakeven, or even a smaller loss than the safety net catastrophic stop. The included live training helps you identify the trades as well as understand what to do when a signal occurs. John Paul focuses on ways to potentially minimize risk. Let’s take a look at both charts to see what occurred…

Two Days, Two E-mini Charts

December 12, 2017E-mini Charts: Indicator 2

If you followed the rules, it’s possible that you could have walked away with +17 ticks. TheAtlas Line produced its first signal around 9:55 a.m. US/Eastern (New York time). It was a long trade, which is a prediction that the market will go up. The real-time market conditions allowed for a profit target of around +5 ticks. After that trade, about three Atlas Line Strength signals plotted (the small “S” marks). Later, the ATO 2 and more Strength signals appeared. Both systems were in agreement the market would rise. They were correct!

December 11, 2017
E-mini Charts: Indicator 1

John Paul believes that similar signals from two or more trading systems may be a better predictor of anticipated price movement. Dec. 11 was another day when two systems agreed. In fact, the systems fire off signals around the same time. The ATO 2 trade came first, resulting in a possible +7 ticks. Around 10 a.m., a potential +6 tick winner appeared. The systems were also in agreement there were no trades later when the market began to chop around.

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