Trading Futures: 2 More Winners

Take a look at these two recent days trading futures (E-mini S&P) using the Atlas Line and ATO 2 from Both of these methods are included with the eight-week Mentorship Program. You can also buy them separately via the courses page. Most traders find it a wiser investment to get both with lifetime licenses by enrolling in the eight-week the Mentorship Program. Let’s take a look at the recent charts…

Trading Futures – Dec. 19

DayTradeToWin Review - ATO 2
Some traders prefer to start out with just one of the Day Trade to Win methods. For many, that’s the ATO 2. It’s simple design produces up to two signals per day on average. These signals occur soon after the market opens. On this occasion, we are looking at a winner of approximately six ticks. How did we figure that out? The profit target is based on the ATR (Average True Range), which is the green line that appears at the bottom of the chart. In effect, the market “allowed” for six ticks because of the recent volatility levels. Excluding broker fees and providing you got in and out at the right times, this trade could have been worth about $75 using one contract. If you trade with more contracts, then you can see how the winnings can add up. We explain all the details in the included training.

Trading Futures – Dec. 15

DayTradeToWin Review - Atlas Line
We’re looking at a trending day here. Look at how both systems fired off winning signals before the market moved up. The Atlas Line signal appeared around 9:55 a.m. EST. If price did not hit the profit target, you would have left the trade using the time-based stop, 20 minutes later, at what should have been a profit. Soon after, the ATO 2 signal at 10:15 a.m. was worth around two points according to the ATR. A third winner was signaled by the ATO-C text. This indicates a “Trade Chaser” setup. Three winners before noon are not too bad for trading futures!

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