Bull Market – Don’t Always Believe the Trend

Traders have said how much they have enjoyed seeing videos of the ATO 2 and Atlas Line in use on one chart. Here is another recent video showing just that. The E-mini S&P is the market being traded here. The first signal that appears is an ATO 2 short. As John Paul has said previously, you take the first signal that appears. If you were in this trade and held onto it by the time the Atlas Line signal came, you could have placed another short or potentially increased your profit target. What’s interesting about this particular day is that many traders believed it was a bull market. Both of the DayTradeToWin.com indicators believed otherwise. When one trading system confirms another, John Paul believes there may be a better chance for profit. That said, no strategy or signal can guarantee profits. Trading is risky.

Don’t Be Baffled by Bull Markets

See the green line at the bottom of the chart? That’s the ATR (average true range). It’s what John Paul is using to calculate his profit target and stop loss. It’s also what he uses to measure volatility. When the ATR is between two and four points, the conditions are ideal for trading. Above or below that, it’s either too volatile (likely due to a news event) or too slow (perhaps no big market movers are trading, it’s after-hours, or the date is near a holiday). Look to the right of the ATR and you’ll see the current value in the price axis. With a period value of four for the indicator, the ATR says the profit target should be about two points. The rules for determining the profit target and stop loss are taught in the included live training.

Remember, a bullish market is expected if the January Effect applies. We will only know whether 2018 is a January Effect year by market close on January 31. In any case, you can always look for long and short trades using any of the trading methods taught in the eight-week Mentorship Program. All courses and software are included with lifetime licenses. Instead of having to travel to an office, DayTradeToWin.com brings the classroom to you. All lessons are live and are provided through an online trading room. Although John Paul is not calling out trades for you to take, he is teaching you how to be a trader first and foremost. If you want more time to review a particular topic, no worries. Because each class is recorded, you can always log in and watch a recording.

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