DayTradeToWin Atlas Line Signals During Trending Day

How many day trading systems have performance videos going back years for the public to view? That’s one of the great things about DayTradeToWin. The Atlas Line videos can be seen going as far back as 2012 or so. Over this time, the rules have stayed the same. Many trading systems cannot make the same claim. That’s because optimization, that is, refining parameters of a trading system, is commonplace among other systems. What happens if you don’t optimize these other systems? Expect poorer performance. The main setting for the Atlas Line specifies the market open time. Other than that, the other settings control what signals are displayed and how they are styled. Again, no optimization.

The Atlas Line typically plots a main long or short signal early in the day. Whenever two candles close above or below, expect another main signal. What about other signals? Yes, Pullback (P) and Strength (S) signals are also possible. On a trending day such as the one shown in the this video, these P and S trades accompany price’s ride up to greater and greater heights. For some traders, the Atlas Line is the only trading system they use. That’s because of the number of signals throughout the day, the profit targets, and the versatility.

According to DayTradeToWin founder John Paul, this particular day produces over eight opportunities. Not every day will produce that many signals, but many trades look for somewhere around three to six signals per day. This is within possibility for the Atlas Line and a separate trading system, the Trade Scalper.

What you mind find very interesting is how the Atlas Line in the above video did not plot any signals during the choppy back-and-forth period that occurred later in the day. It’s almost as though the Atlas Line knew ahead of time there was going to be a chop and kept you safe. Wow, that’s something!

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