Was the January Effect Right Despite All the “Bad News” of 2021?

John Paul from DayTradeToWin is seeing a buy opportunity right now for the E-mini S&P 500. According to the January Effect price action, there is a retracement underway that may last for several days. Because January 2021 was an “up month,” 2021 is expected to be an “up year” overall; and indeed, this has been successfully demonstrated. Again and again, the January Effect’s historical performance is demonstrated. The method also helps identify swing trading opportunities. This is what this multi-day buy opportunity is all about.

To qualify such an opportunity, price needs to drop and then recover to 50% of the prior high. This 50% level, as measured by the Fibonacci drawing tool, is a key point. If price begins to exceed the 50% level, then it’s time to think about entering long as price is expected to revisit the prior high.

It’s possible that by the time you watch this video, the move may be over with. This is why it’s important to subscribe to the DayTradeToWin YouTube account. You’ll get notified soon after a new video is posted.

So, what will happen in 2022? With all of the “bad news” that occurred in 2021, one may expected 2021 to be a down year, but this was not so unless there is a major fall-off right between two major U.S. holidays. In fact, a recent mainstream headline suggested that with each (allegedly pandemic-related) downward turn, the market has recovered more rapidly. Does this mean the market will eventually stabilize regardless of whatever new variant appears in the headlines? Perhaps if the “powers that be” try to influence human consciousness to adjust to a “new normal” of constant control, protocols, and limitation, they may may also dangle the carrot of a stable economy. Who knows! It feels like this last year has been an adjustment period with many changing variables all over the world. Perhaps, if the January Effect can be trusted, at least some prediction with some historical accuracy can be made as to the overall trajectory of a major futures market.

Using the new Blueprint software with these long-term hourly or daily charts, one can find additional swing trade opportunities. Keep in mind, you need a sizeable account to hold a position for multiple days. Check with your broker to see if this is possible for you. Also, you should know what happens when a position is held through holidays, early closures, etc.

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