DayTradeToWin Atlas Line Review for E-mini, Nasdaq, and Crude Oil

Is the DayTradeToWin Atlas Line trading software good for the E-mini S&P only? What about other markets? John Paul reviews multiple markets, including the MES. Yes, the MES is the Micro version of the E-mini. The MES is a nice way to trade live without the larger impacts of trading 10x the movements the of the regular E-mini.

Right away, you can probably tell how many winners there were. The Atlas Line Long signal was followed by a steady price climb, so a winner is implied, here. Then, along the way up, we see so many long Strength (S) and Pullback (P) symbols.

It’s quite possible you would have been content with all the winning trades by 10:30 a.m. ET and done for the day, ready to spend quality time by yourself or with others.

In this video, you’ll also be seeing the Crude Oil (CL) as well as the Nasdaq (NQ). Do you see John Paul adjusting the parameters? Very little adjustment, if any, is needed when switching markets. No optimization.

At most, you may want to change the market open value, as for example the CL opens earlier than the E-mini. Trading is mostly electronic these days, so you can gauge the market open by using the ATR with a period value of 4 and then seeing where price starts to take off on a regular basis. Use the appearance of the ATR line on an E-mini’s chart around 9:30 a.m. ET for reference.

A quick way to configure your charts is to duplicate an existing chart that contains the Atlas Line. Then, adjust the

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