Here We Go! DayTradeToWin Reviews Winning Signals During Sell-off

For many days in a row, DayTradeToWin’s John Paul has been reviewing the E-mini S&P 500 and providing his analysis and trading signals. He’s been correct again and again. He’s talked about how the market is expected to continue to drop.

What tools are used for placing trades based on this analysis? The Atlas Line. The Atlas Line provides an overall direction of whether you should be looking at long or short trades at a given moment. Once you’ve clarified this, you can trade with your other systems, potentially filtering out half of what your other systems may signal.

See more daily Trade Scalper, Atlas Line, and Roadmap chart reviews from DayTradeToWin’s Atlas Line and Trade Scalper are often in agreement, as seen here. When the Atlas Line says to go short, to sell, and the Trade Scalper provides short signals, that means two systems are saying the same thing. And the DayTradeToWin perspective is that two systems agreeing are beneficial.

This video shows how the Trade Scalper long signals were still accurate despite the Atlas Line advising short trades only. This is where the Accelerated Mentorship training comes in, as it helps prioritize one method over another. Of course, your own experience practicing these methods will be invaluable.

If price was to cross the Atlas Line and close twice on the other side, then that’s a sign that all of your other systems need to change direction, too.

Both systems plug right into the NinjaTrader trading platform. John Paul’s DayTradeTowin website has all the details.

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