Price Action Risk Management Techniques: 2x Trading Systems

What happens when you combine the DayTradeToWin Roadmap and Atlas Line? You get something like this video. Here, an Atlas Line Pullback (P) signal is used to substantiate the trade. John Paul details his thought process behind why he takes each trade and how they’re managed.

Using these two trades as examples, DayTradeToWin’s John Paul explains why a long and a short are excellent opportunities to discuss various trade/risk/reward management techniques.

If you are a pro day trader, and not a pro guesser, you should be able to explain why you take each trade. What was the cause? What were the market conditions that indicated that was a potential good time to place the trade? What other circumstances did you pay attention to? Was the market overbought or oversold, for example?

John Paul also discusses:

  • What Atlas Line pivot stops are and how to use them
  • The important of waiting for a better price instead of rushing in
  • MIT orders, regular market orders, getting filled
  • Roadmap signals and why they’re important; what they signify
  • Stop loss Why a better entry price is better than adjusting the stop loss

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