Live Scalping the E-mini Using Price Action

Would you bother with a trade worth +3 ticks? If you’re scalping multiple times a day and/or using multiple contracts, you might seek out these trade specifically! Here’s an example of how John Paul from scalps the E-mini S&P 500 using price action. Watch how fast this trade is over.

He’s using eight contracts. If you do the math, the trade is worth $300. The whole thing is done and over within a couple of minutes. Keeping in mind there can be no performance guarantee and trading is always subjecting the trader to potential significant loss, wouldn’t you like to have an extra $300 for just a couple minutes of “work”? For some people, that amount is considered a nice daily wage.

Trading for income is not something you can do after buying a course, reading it, and then starting the next day. It takes practice. You have to make sure you’re following the rules. When you got your first bike, did you use training wheels or did you slalom an interstate highway on a multi-geared, aerodynamic cycle? Probably the former. Take baby steps; practice in a real-time simulated account for some time. Then as time goes on, attempt to grow your account by first trading the MES (Micro E-mini) for a while followed by the regular ES.

With the Trade Scalper, you’ll want to enter the trade as soon as possible after the signal appears. Remember, the candle has to close for the signal to appear. Then it’s up to you to place the trade. Slippage will occur depending on the type of order used. When trading for a small number of ticks, slippage becomes more of a factor. Follow the instructions and use the correct order type. Avoid chasing the trade, as this can reduce the profit potential as well.

How to Trade Pre-market: E-mini Scalping Signals

Although you could use the Trade Scalper software to trade 24 hours a day, that doesn’t mean you should do it! There are a number of great trades that occur in the early or evening periods, beyond what is considered standard trading hours. The first portion of this video covers one such signal, a long. After the close of that candle where the long signal was generated, we see price rise for three candles. The indicates a winning move.

The next signal that appeared was a Double Wick Short. A Double Wick is another type of signal that is produced by the Trade Scalper software. Price moved against the signal and then dropped right down via three consecutive red candles. You’ll see this trade unfold in real-time.

John Paul used eight contracts. He has Chart Trader configured to show his current profit or loss as it fluctuates. This particular trade’s goal/profit target was worth $1,000 before any commissions or fees. Fantastic, right? Such a short period of time. That’s what scalping is all about. If you were trading just one contract, that would have been $125. Still, if you can find multiple trades like this daily, they add up. The idea is to grow your account over time.

If you have three or four winners in your pocket for the day, it’s time to call it quits. Yes, let’s keep that money in the pocket, and hopefully saved up long-term rather than take yet another chance. There will be other days to trade. Look at the bigger picture: the week, the month, 90 days, six months, then a year. How was your performance? Were you following the rules correctly?

There are people who sleep at the casino’s hotel so they can maximize their gambling. There are also those people who are hardly awake at their slot machines for sixteen hours, sitting in unhealthy positions for too long, not nourishing their minds or bodies. A few hours a day should be the goal. Life is about living; and most of us would probably define living as something different than what happened on a chart for a given period of time.