Live Trading Signals in Webinar

Tired of the same old trading webinars that don’t provide any live trading signals? Fast-forward this recent DayTradeToWin video to the 20 minute mark. You’ll see three trading methods produce signals in front of an audience of attendees. The signals come from three different indicators: the ATO 2, Atlas Line, and Trade Scalper. Each one advised going short. It’s always good to see multiple strategies confirming the same direction. Using a simulated account, John Paul places the trades and explains his profit target and stop loss approach. The trades were winners. A couple of the attendees also took the trades and confirmed their results.

Where do the live trading signals come from?

The ATO 2 works on 5-min charts. Think of it as a way to find the opening breakout move. The goal is a couple of points a day, but that can always change based on current market conditions. The software draws a horizontal line that points to the entry candle. The entry price is printed on the chart. You fully learn how the strategy works, so you can always trade it without the software.

The Trade Scalper uses a 1-min chart. Think of this one as quick in-and-out trading with many trades per day. You can find signals at all hours of the day, providing the market is open with good volatility. The full version of the software (not seen in the video) draws horizontal and vertical lines that guide your trading. Using the lines, you can determine when another trade may occur. You fully learn how it all works so the indicator software is not required.

The Atlas Line draws a diagonal line soon after the market opens. Throughout the day, the angle of the line remains the same while price dances around it. If price closes twice above or below the line, you’ll get a long and short signal, respectively. Additionally, you’re taught how to use the Strength and Pullback signals. The Atlas Line works best on 5-min charts. On average, it produces more trades than the ATO 2, but less than the Trade Scalper. Traders like the Atlas Line because it can also provide an overall indication of where the market is expected to head.

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