Free Trading Strategies: January Effect for 2018

Traders, on February 1, 2018, be sure to switch to a daily chart and take a look at January 2018’s price activity. If the month closes higher than its opening price (2675 on January 2), the January Effect will apply to 2018. The January Effect is one of the free trading strategies taught by In short, the strategy says to expect the year to trend upward, with a higher closing price in December. This strategy applied to 2017, and sure enough, we saw record-breaking highs. In many videos, John Paul demonstrated entry opportunities when price retraced upward in compliance with the strategy rules.

Learning how to identify a compatible year is only part of what the January Effect entails. You will need to understand the trading rules as well. For that, go to about 7:00 into the video. Look for several consecutive days were price falls. When price begins to come back up, that’s a possible entry. To aid your discovery of the entry, consider using NinjaTrader’s Fibonacci tool. John Paul has a way of configuring it to show only the 0%, 50%, and 100% levels. As taught in the video, apply the tool from the recent high and low points. The 50% is the entry level. The market often revists prices previously reached. As price moves up to possibly test prior highs, that’s where you can jump in for the potential ride up. Of course, some free trading strategies (this one in particular) require the January Effect to be in effect first.

What’s Better Than Free Trading Strategies?

To see recent ATO 2 and Atlas Line signals, jump ahead to about 22:40 in the video. The strategies agreed that long was the way to go. The webinar attendees saw the signals. Clients who were using the same configuration received the same signals. Because the webinar was real-time, you can see the market move up over time. If John Paul had placed trades based on the signals, he likely would have been profitable. When conducting a webinar, focusing on teaching and placing trades can be difficult to do simultaneously. When presented with more than one DayTradeToWin trading system, he says to take the trade based on whatever signal comes first.

To get all the courses and software with lifetime licenses, join the next eight-week Mentorship Program. The goal is to minimize risk and maximize profit potential. If you have the will to learn, you can truly change the way you trade for 2018. By having a complete understanding of every method and encountering many types of market scenarios, you can be well-prepared for the opportunities we expect this year.

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