Profitable Scalping System? 6 Points Using Price Action?

Take a look at this nice Long (buy) Trade Scalper signal for the E-mini. John Paul places an order live. The signal is based on price action. This means that recent price activity read by the Trade Scalper indicator said, “There’s a fair chance price will rise.” The ATR (Average True Range) is the yellow line and value at the bottom. We use the ATR to dynamically determine the profit target and stop loss. This helps us stay in the trade during regular market fluctuations. We want price to move in the direction predicted by the indicator. Getting stopped out prematurely is no fun and can be costly. That’s why you have to use a reasonable stop loss. Being overly conservative can be costly. Yes, you can use another indicator like the Trade Scalper to filter out Trade Scalper trades or get a sense of overall expected market direction.

As discussed around 3:42, we also use time to determine when to get out. We call this a “time-based stop” because if we do not exit with a profit, we can to discontinue the open position due to increased risk. An experienced trader should be able to tell you that it’s unwise to hold any position for too long. The market can be hit with volatility at any moment. Trades are time-sensitive. This is especially true and consistent with the concept of scalping: scalping generally means get in and out quickly. You’ll see how John Paul exited a later position because he should have placed the trade earlier. Price already hit the profit target. It’s unwise to get into a position too late.

You can also get the Trade Scalper in the eight-week “trading bootcamp” called Mentorship. Many people are starting to look at alternative income strategies. Day trading has long been an option, though false feelings of, “It sounds too complicated” have deterred many. This is not true: many people with no experience trading have been taught trading. Mentorship is the best way to get training for all of our methods in one complete experience. We’ll take you from start to finish. The goal is to make you a proficient trader who can tackle the markets daily for big wins.

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