Stay-At-Home Income Idea: Day Trading

In the movies or among your friends, you’ve probably heard about day traders who make money (or attempt to) day trading from their home computers. Yes, it’s real. Yes, it’s possible to both make and lose money. Yes, there are a number of educational courses, software, etc. designed to hopefully improve your chances in the markets. DayTradeToWin specializes in such programs, offering individually sold courses/software (ATO 2, Atlas Line, and Trade Scalper) as well as an eight-week trading bootcamp called Mentorship.

What makes DayTradeToWin different than other trading educators is the 10+ year online presence and the unique price action methods. Very few in this industry can say they’ve been operating over 10 years selling trading systems. In fact, many people put up websites trying to make a quick buck by promising the moon. That’s not a long-term strategy. These so-called educators are usually shut down or go out of business. There’s a reason why DayTradeToWin is still around with time-tested strategies. Customer care/support is super important. Email support is included with purchase. Every purchase includes at least one training video. Everyone learns differently, so it’s important to provide multiple resources.

Regarding price action, that simply refers to the style of trading. Some people use astrology, news events, or other highly interpretive/subjective methods. We believe following the price, listening to what price “tells us,” is the best way to trade. We keep our expectations in line with what the market can reasonably produce at a given moment. There’s no sense in going for big money if the market has been slow in the last 15 minutes. Likewise, why reduce profit potential with a small profit target under volatile conditions? Price action allows a trader to stay realistic and adaptable.

Even if you have zero experience using a trading platform, reach out to [email protected] for assistance. There are free training videos you can get. You can download the NinjaTrader 8 trading platform to practice. There’s no cost in this. Then you can purchase one of the courses or enroll in the eight-week program. There may be no better time to learn trading than now, when you’re home and have some extra time! Click here to see all the trading courses and software.

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