Learn & Use This Price Action Trading Strategy Tomorrow

What if you could learn a trading method today and use it on tomorrow’s charts? That’s what we’re offering, here. The ABC Method divides the day into three sections: A, B, and C. Look for breakout opportunities in the B section based on the highest high and lowest low of A. Look for breakouts in C based on the highs and lows of B. You’ll need to watch the video from about 6:00 forward to learn all of the specifics. No indicator is required for this method; it’s all based on price action. If you want to use the ABC Indicator, purchase the ATO 2 method or enroll in our eight-week Mentorship Program.

Earlier in the video, you’ll review the performance of multiple trading systems including the Trade Scalper, Atlas Line, and ATO 2. The Atlas Line and Trade Scalper can be used on the same 1-Minute chart. Traditionally, the Atlas Line was used on a 5-Minute, but it’s flexible. It can be a tad confusing looking at indicators and determining what signal belongs to what system. The Atlas Line indicator consists of the dashed (pink in this case) diagonal line, the Atlas Long and Short signals, and the S (Strength) and P (Pullback) signals that appear next to candles. The Trade Scalper signals simply appear as Long or Short with triangles pointing in the corresponding direction. With John Paul’s configuration, the ATO 2 signals have a white background. They, too, use a similar Long and Short text format. Signal colors and other settings can be adjusted in the indicator settings area for each indicator.

Watch the full video because at 28:00 or so, John Paul shares his special Roadmap method/indicator. The Roadmap is included in the eight-week Mentorship “trading bootcamp” only. It can be used as a primary filter as well as an indicator of potential trends. Also, it provides Long and Short signals. The filtering occurs all day long, so you can see how valuable it is to combine the Roadmap with other methods like the Atlas Line and Trade Scalper. The Roadmap considers buyers and sellers, which can be considered external influences on price. Want to use the Roadmap? Enroll in the next eight-week Mentorship Program via this link.

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