A Pro Day Trading Setup Anyone Can Configure

Do you trade with multiple charts? If you don’t, you probably will do so eventually. And when you do, check out the linking feature that’s built into NinjaTrader 8. By selecting matching “link colors” for either the instrument, interval, or both, you can create a responsive and adaptable trading environment. This video explains it all.

Take a look at the configuration being used by the trader in this video. He has six charts total. Two of them, those on top, are for the 5-Minute time frame. The four toward the bottom-left corner are 1-Minute charts. To the right, there are two SuperDOMs. Imagine if you had the same setup. Without chart linking, if you wanted to switch the interval (type of chart) or market (instrument), you would have to spend time switching each chart over. Instead, it’s more efficient to set up matching link colors to create relationships between trading windows/tools.

NinjaTrader 8 provides far more colors than you probably need. You can see how one high-resolution display (well, larger than a common 1920×1080 or 1366×768 computer monitor) can be an effective solution rather than the common multi-monitor setup.

The Divvy window management tool is used here to set up a 9×6 grid. Note that you may want to use different grid or column sizes depending on your resolution. Tip: first, start with seeing what column size works for the width of the SuperDOM window and go from there.

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