The Roadmap From DayTradeToWin Tells Us Exactly What We Need to Know

Rarely can you find a trading tool that is as robust as the Roadmap from DayTradeToWin. The theory behind this tool is that the market prefers balance. When the amount of buyers and sellers is no longer equal, an opportunity arises. These opportunities, or zones as identified by the indicator software, are boundary areas.

Without going to too much detail, the software plots entry signals for you to take, either Long or Short, it can tell you of anticipated market direction, whether a trend is expected to continue, whether a reversal is expected to occur, and so much more…

We can see why this method has been available exclusively in the eight-week coaching program!

As you can see from the video, there are A, B, C, and D horizontal lines for each zone. The colored up and down arrows are entry signals. Traders love to use the Roadmap in conjunction with other methods. In fact, the Roadmap is considered the first tool to use for identifying trades, even before the Atlas Line! Yes, that means you can use the Roadmap and Atlas Line together to filter trades from other methods, including the Trade Scalper. These three tools together, plus all the other techniques taught in the eight-week Mentorship Program may be the difference between you becoming a pro trader or not.

How do you get the Roadmap? For now, it seems like the only way to get the Roadmap is to enroll in the eight-week Mentorship Program. Click the link to get details on the next class date and time.

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