Free Trading System to Learn – Works With Many Platforms

Are the day trading markets your personal ATM? Far from it! Trading always involves risk, so make sure you have set aside the requisite risk capital. We now endeavor to share with you a trading method of intrigue for your testing and potential use…

See how it works? The instrument/market in use is the E-mini S&P 500. YDivide the day into three portions: A, B, and C. Part A begins at 9:30 a.m. US/Eastern and is 2.5 hours in duration, lasting until noon. No entry opportunities exist in part A. However, they exist in parts B and C. Each portion’sentry signal requires a breakout of either the high or low of the former. Thus, early in portion B, we would see an entry opportunity beyond the high or low range of portion A once two closing candles occur beyond A’s boundary in portion B. The same methodology applies to part C. Now, in Part C, be wary of fast moves towards the close of the market. We generally regard that period as unstable; not worth of trading.

By the way, this whole process of identify the opportunities is made easy with the ABC signal indicator. That indicator is included with purchase of either the ATO 2 course and software or the eight-week Mentorship Program. Both courses are listed and described on the website. Click each respective product for more information. Good trading to you!

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