How to Become a Winning Trader: A Perspective Shift

Below, you’ll find an image that may help you as a person and as a trader.

Ever heard the expression, “You are what you eat?”

Well, there is some truth in that, as one’s diet can affect one’s temperment.

Let’s go beyond that though. Upon further consideration, the following may be surprisingly simple and complex at the time: “You are what you think.”

A person who maintains a negative outlook on himself and the world will probably be negative. Inversely, a positive-thought person will likely appear as positive.

Is there more to this? Yes. The next time you go into a bookstore, walk through the sections pertaining to quantum physics, metaphysics, ancient cultures, and more. Upon research and contemplation, you may be struck with the idea, “Perhaps there is something to all this consciousness affecting reality stuff.”

…Though that may be a start for some, the truth-seeking is far from over.

There is a saying that goes something like, both before and after enlightenment, one must continue chopping wood. In other words, expect to continue you daily occupation regardless of what may well be a divine experience. Thus, unless you renounce materialism and figure out how to go live in the mountains, it is likely you would still endeavor to be a day trader.

Of course, a day trader is a human being who faces day-to-day human challenges. Sometimes, a shift in perspective helps. In that spirit, we share with you the following image. May it help you on your journey!

Winning vs. Losing Trading Self-Help Advice

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