Finding Trends and Counter-trends Using Price Action Roadmap Software

Do you know what the market is going to do next? Wish you had a guide to avoid those “bumpy” movements? That’s why created the Roadmap trading method/software. There’s one big thing most day traders want all the time. That’s a clear direction on where price is expected to go and price levels where price is expected to change.

The Roadmap provides this information on the chart in the forms of both signals and “zone lines” The zone lines identify points where the buying and selling is expected to cease or change in some way, so at these points, you may see price reversals or strong continuation up or down through, depending on the type of zone. This is why you can also find entry opportunities as price moves from zone to zone. Indeed, the Roadmap is a truly versatile trading indicator.

In this video, you can see how one of the zone lines served as a visual indicator for the upper boundary of where price is traded. It is as though the Roadmap “knew” ahead of time of a certain limit. Looking at these various zone lines on the chart, you will see again and again many such coincidences.

John Paul from explains this trading method in further detail. So how does one get the Roadmap? You have to enroll in the eight-week Mentorship Program. The Roadmap is one of the key methods in Mentorship. When you combine it with the Atlas Line, you esentially have 2x filter systems with 2x signals. Then when you combine it with the Trade Scalper and other systems, you have a full trading plan no matter what the day throws your way.

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