What is Price Action and How Do You Trade It?

Simply put, price action is price movement. If you look at charts, then that price movement will appear as candles (as seen in the video below), lines, or some other visual means. Price action requires two things: value of a market, such as a stock, commodity, future, currency, etc. The second thing is for time to pass. If time was at a standstill, there wouldn’t be any movement. Well, maybe some physics experts can disagree, but we’re talking about conventional day trading, here.

Moving on, we see how price action forms candles over time. Some believe these candles tell a story about where price has been and may indicate where it will go in the future. Do you believe that? If you can “read” price action, some say you can tell where price will go next. And if you can accurately predict where price goes next with better than average consistency, you may be a profitable trader.

This concept is what DayTradeToWin is all about: recognizing specific setups, or price action conditions or patterns, then capitalizing on them using clear rules. John Paul, founder of DayTradeToWin, says he’s been doing this for well over a decade and wants to teach you those same, objective trading rules so you don’t waste precious time and money playing guessing games in the markets.

Who doesn’t like a potential winning shortcut, right? Indeed, he offers a few different courses: ATO 2, Trade Scalper, Atlas Line, and an eight-week, full-package Mentorship Program wherein you receive and learn everything. Want to learn something for free right now? Watch the video above. You’ll learn the free ABC technique straight from John Paul. Does it work? Test if for yourself via a real-time simulated account day after day. Keep track of profit and loss. Let price action prove to you the results.

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