Best Price Action Swing Trading Systems

Is there a best price action swing trading system? That’s going to depend on ever traders specific needs. Past performance does not indicate future success.

That said, when it comes to day trading methods, swing trading generally refers to taking trades and holding them for a longer duration than a typical “day trade.” Where a typical day trade may be over within a few minutes or a half-hour, a swing trade tends to span over a half-hour, sometimes several hours or even days. The NinjaTrader day trading platform provides easy access to many chart types. Switching among various time-based charts is a breeze. Perhaps the most difficult aspect of swing trading is finding a system that is going to work on various time frames, chart types, and produce reliable signals…

This is where the new Blueprint trading software from DayTradeToWin becomes useful. In this video, John Paul shares his charts. Swing trading allows one to focus on larger market moves. After all, a larger period of time occurs so each candle represents more price movement. This necessitates larger trades because with the Blueprint at least, you’re not looking to exit the trade in the midst of the first candle forming (during which you placed the trade). Rather, you’re following the rules of the Blueprint, so several candles must plot before it’s time to close out the trade—either with a profit target or stop loss.

Toward the end of the video, DayTradeToWin’s John Paul shares a daily chart. You’ll notice that the shaded regions and entry signals look the same. But on a daily chart, you will easily see months of activity at a time. Each day is represented by a candle/bar, so the idea is holding a position over multiple days. You may want to enlist the guiding aspects of the January Effect+ method that John Paul has discussed before. The Blueprint may be able to provide confirmation for those January Effect 50%+ retracement levels providing the January Effect indicates the year is an “up year.” Speaking of which, expect a video soon on that, as we approach the beginning of a new year, 2022.

By the way, the Blueprint comes with a reference guide and a training video, so you’ll be able to understand exactly what all those shaded regions indicate as well as what charts work best for certain conditions, how to place a trade relative to the signals, timing, profit targets, trade management, and more. Two bonuses are included as well: the ABC trading software and a “How to Trail a Stop” video.

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