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Many people in the world all looking for the easiest way to make money. Some care more than others about the services and products they offer. Day trading is one of those industries that attracts a look of people looking to make a quick buck – both on the business side and on the client side. When there is strong impulse without grounding, there can be friction and regrettable decisions.

From a consumer point of view, how do you evaluate one trading company from another? Overall look and feel, quality of presentations, testimonials, etc. can go a long way. The overall vibe or impression is often the most important, as all it takes is a faulty first impression.

Considering the factor of time, what is something you can look for when seeking out a day trading coach? See if the company has been in business for a long time. For example, DayTradeToWin has been providing online day trading education for well over a decade. That’s a long time considering how the internet and trading have evolved.

DayTradeToWin has hundreds of videos going back years. And to this day, John Paul is still publishing videos of his trading showing the exact same signals his clients see.

Take this video for example…

So, the point being made here is that there may be good reasons why a day trading company is in business for the long-term. The Trade Scalper scalping method shown in the above video has been around for years. Yet, it still appears to be an effective way to trade price action. You can toggle various settings. For example, you can hide the Double Wick (DW) signals if you find the regular Long and Short signals preferable. It’s important that you see how the method works in real-time; the speed, how easy things are to interpret, so you get a sense of how trading will be.

Let’s go back to the start of DayTradeToWin. What was the first trading strategy that was introduced? At the Open (or ATO as it’s called). These days, it’s called the ATO 2 as it has undergone some changes since conception. The original ATO, debuting around 2009, has stood the test of time. It’s still offered, but only as method exclusive to the 8-Week Group Mentorship Program.

The ATO 2 trading signal software works for the E-mini S&P 500 and other futures. The trading platform is NinjaTrader. The rules are clear, objective price action. That means that you are taught specific price patterns to notice. Upon seeing these patterns, you can follow the remaining rules for trade placement. The objective of the ATO 2 is to be done trading by the morning. However, the many other methods included in the 8-Week Mentorship Program extend opportunities further into the day.

In summary, day trading is something to take seriously. It’s easy to be tempted by false promises and shiny buttons. Do your research, see how long the company has been around and what it has produced over the years.

Are you looking to make a quick buck or invest your time into something that other people have also invested their time with?

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