Are the Markets Manipulated in 2022?

Now that 2022 is here, do you think the markets are still manipulated? As many have guessed, the same players and the same systems are chugging away. From the perspective of an individual, at-home day trader, it is difficult to determine how much of the price activity seen on charts is truly genuine; that is, cause and effect from real buyers and sellers vs. how much of it is artificial; perhaps with vast sums injected and withdrawn to cause all sorts of disturbances.

As of late, there has been a lot of questioning the news. If some news events are manufactured, does that mean the effects on the markets as related to these news events are also manufactured? What comes first? The wave or motion that caused the wave? For instance, 2021 was a record-breaking year for pharmaceuticals, yet it seems that the efficacy of their injected products is being scrutinized with yet another wave of infection. So, if governments are buying up supplies to artificially drive up a monopoly, and those on government boards are in the pharmaceutical industry, are they basically printing money for themselves while a number of people deal with the mental health effects of a world where little makes sense and disconnection of life-affirming activities?

So, in a sense, maybe it’s wise to look at the markets, particular the E-mini S&P and big S&P as an extension of official globalist intentions and narratives. If the market was to act adversely to the World Bank or any leading organization focused on global domination, could the market be more trusted? Instead, if money can be pumped into the markets to create relative stability, the pharmaceutical companies can continue making profits and keeping enough staff employed to carry out specific agendas. In any world-changing period, unless the entire civilization has been turned into mindless robots, there’s a good chance that the antagonist transformative forces would seek to manipulate regular folks into doing their bidding.

And if you keep people in a place of financial worry with ideas of shortages and the like with just enough reason to seek and hold a job, you can keep people distracted and entirely take over their life goals and time management. As time goes on, the worldwide situation reveals itself; becoming more obvious.

Perhaps it is strategic to both recognize economic conditions and take advantage of them at the same time. Most could not argue against making money, while the system exists, to take care of oneself, whether that be acquiring healthy food, the means to exercise, or even own property in ideal locations.

Hopefully, the price action trading systems from DayTradeToWin can help you achieve your financial independence and recognize opportunities during these unique times of great manipulation.

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