DayTradeToWin Roadmap Review: Price Action Trading Guidance

When day trading, do you keep asking yourself, “Is there a trade now? What about now?” and so on, then that’s a sign you probably need constant guidance. Trading should be enjoyable. Nagging yourself, doubting, and hoping the worst doesn’t happen–these things are not healthy trading.

Review all the DayTradeToWin Roadmap details

So, what can you do? Today, we’re looking at a solution called the Roadmap from DayTradeToWin. The Roadmap is designed to be a constant companion that guides your trading throughout the day. Unlike other systems that have no concept of manipulation (i.e., many support and resistance indicators/techniques), the Roadmap’s foundation is manipulation. In fact, the Roadmap is built upon a specific manipulation pattern that’s hardcoded into the software.

This pattern is derived from a secret technique of moving the patterns shared among an elite group of traders. Think about it – if you had a lot of money to push around, and you had some friend who also had the same, would you not consider agreeing moving that money in a certain way around certain price points? This is what separates the effortlessly trading big players from the constant guesswork occupying the minds of many retail traders daily.

Review all the DayTradeToWin Roadmap details

Once the Roadmap is installed on the chart, it’s a matter of knowing how to use the Zone lines and the signals. The Zone lines are like boundary areas where price is expected to either bounce off (offering a retracement/reversal opportunity) or proceed through with enough momentum (to provide for a continuation opportunity). So, these are two types of entry opportunities that are provided in addition to the signals themselves, which do consider some of these effects.

The Roadmap is also effective because the Zone lines can be used to place profit targets and stop losses strategically. For example, if price is expected to reverse or continue through a Zone line, just because there is a level of unpredictably anticipated there, you may want to put your profit target or stop loss right before the Zone line. Many Zone lines are possible: A, B, C, D, and you will see them colored red or green by default, though the colors may be customized, along with that of many other visuals within the indicator settings.

Previously, the Roadmap was available exclusively in the Mentorship Program. The Roadmap remains the leading filtering/confirming technique in DayTradeToWin’s All-Inclusive Mentorship. Recently, the Roadmap has been made available for individual purchase. That means you can purchase the Roadmap as a standalone method and combine it with other methods you like to use.

Are you ready to change the way you trade every day? See a full review of the Roadmap here.

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