Price Action Trading Analysis + DayTradeToWin Trade Scalper Review

Here is the video mentioned in a prior post that provides those specific price levels. Yes, this is from John Paul at DayTradeToWin who gives those clear E-mini S&P 500 price levels. If price begins to move toward those levels, that’s when you should pay attention. We could be looking at lower lows if the market keeps selling off. Conversely, higher highs if price reverses.

One of the key takeaways here is that markets fall faster than they climb. Yes, if there’s going to be an upward swing, John Paul believes it’s going to occur over multiple days. In comparison, we saw a drastic 408-point drop occur in just four days. You’ll probably have to do a lot of looking to find the same in terms of a move up!

One of the values to watch for is to see if price approaches (drops) to the 3300 level. That’s a significant low-marker. And we know that the markets do recognize human psychology to a degree. Even if the bulk of the activity is algorithm based, these algorithms likely have a built in “understanding” of prior highs and lows, the activity that occurred around them, and the values of whole numbers that are perfect multiples of 100 such as 3300.

Later in the video, you’re going to see a Trade Scalper review – a review of signals. Typically, it’s best to stay away from market open activity. Yes, the Trade Scalper produced a short signal in the morning during this time. Best to avoid that one one way or another.

We see so many winners during the ride down. The far majority were Trade Scalper short winners. There were 20 short signals and 3 long signals. Overall, plenty of opportunities and reasons to leave the day happy.

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