3 Days in a Row Reviewed: DayTradeToWin ATO 2 & Roadmap

Can you trade the E-mini’s end of day price activity? Yes, it is possible, but you should be careful! If we’re going to trade end-of-day, we used the powerful Roadmap software. The markets are manipulated. Would it not make sense to really manipulate price during the often volatile period at a trading day’s end? For many, that’s a period of consolidation, of rebalancing positions and so forth. So, why not sure a method that considers manipulation patterns, like the Roadmap?

DayTradeToWin Review: ATO 2 & Roadmap Methods

The Roadmap’s Zone lines act as potential boundary points where something significant is expected to happen. The expectation is that there will be a bounce, that price will go near the zone and then reverse, or there will be a continuation, where price will pass through and continue onward. With either expectation, there is a way to position yourself for a potential win. You could get out of a trade at the right time, position yourself for a new one upon an anticipated reversal, or place a trade after a close or two beyond the Zone line.

The ATO 2 (At the Open 2) method focuses on finding a breakout move soon after the market opens. The initial morning period is also volatile, so we wait until after the initial move occurs, which helps define a pattern we can use later. This ATO 2 method is a flagship technique offered by DayTradeToWin.

For the period shown, there is a clear long winner. And the winning continues, not just for the E-mini S&P, but for other markets, including Crude Oil (CL). John Paul reviews three days of history in a row, so that you can better understand and better form a conclusion about the ATO 2 software.

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