End the Game of Market Manipulation: Roadmap Alerts for Every Day Trader

Here, you’re getting an up-close look at the application of roadmap software. This groundbreaking software skillfully determines zones on your chart, serving dual roles: acting as a filter and leading you in making a long or short entry. At its heart, it’s essentially a counter-trend strategy.

The Roadmap is a distinguished trading method built into our extensive DayTradeToWin Accelerated Mentorship Program. The standard route to getting a hold of the Roadmap is by enrolling in the Mentorship program.

Now the full-bodied Roadmap system is readily available for standalone usage, or to supplement your existing trade strategies.

On analyzing the display, you can discern the software signal hinting at a “long” position according to the roadmap. A bounce-off after reaching the pre-established zone is the signal to watch out for.

Conversely, you could consider switching direction if the trading activity breaches the designated zone. But, in this instance, the activity bounced back from the zone and adopted a long position, yielding a signal at 4484.50 to enter long. Users of the roadmap software on the E-mini S&P this morning around 9:35 would have been alerted with the same signal.

Above, you can find an additional zone with caution against maintaining a long position upon reaching this zone or suggesting its usage as a profit target.

These roadmap zones are particularly advantageous for those striving for funding in the funding account programs. They provide useful insights on whether to initiate long or short positions.

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