Strategic Swing Trading: The Price Action Advantage

Welcome to November 14th! Today marks an exciting introduction to a game-changing tool in the world of trading – the Blueprint Software. Whether you’re immersed in swing trading, day trading, or a combination of both, this software is intricately designed to leverage the subtleties of price action, revolutionizing your trading strategy.

The Blueprint Software: Precision Redefined

Developed some time ago and seamlessly integrated into our Accelerated Mentorship class, the Blueprint Software is tailored for traders seeking a powerful amalgamation of swing and day trading strategies. Let’s dive into the key features that make this software an indispensable asset:

  • Distance Multiplier and Candle Trigger: At the heart of Blueprint are two deceptively simple yet incredibly powerful parameters – the distance multiplier and the candle trigger. The software meticulously analyzes breakout points indicated by red and blue shaded areas. The distance multiplier ensures that the entry signal activates within one and a half times the calculated distance, effectively preventing false breakouts.
  • Flexibility for Early Entries: For those inclined towards early entry, Blueprint allows you to specify the number of consecutive candles required for the trigger. This level of flexibility empowers you to fine-tune your entries based on your risk tolerance and the ever-evolving market conditions.

Now, let’s explore how Blueprint generates signals across different time frames:

  • 1-Minute Chart: Tailor-made for swift, dynamic movements, Blueprint excels in delivering precise signals even in the fast-paced 1-minute chart. The focus is on interpreting shaded areas and comprehending breakout distances.
  • 5-Minute Chart: Stepping up to a slightly larger time frame, Blueprint consistently provides actionable signals for both long and short trades. Each signal is a result of meticulous analysis, combining distance and candle triggers.
  • 15-Second Chart: For enthusiasts of rapid trading, Blueprint seamlessly adapts to shorter time frames, offering a continuous stream of signals for swift decision-making.
  • Daily Chart: Adopting a more strategic approach, the Blueprint on a daily chart underscores the significance of accurate directional predictions. Signals appear after just one candle, streamlining decision-making for more prolonged trends.

The Blueprint Software, often underestimated, speaks volumes through its signals. Exclusively available to traders in our Accelerated Mentorship program, this powerful tool yields impressive results.


The Blueprint distinguishes itself with its simplicity and efficacy in a landscape dominated by intricate trading strategies. With only two adjustable inputs, traders can concentrate on what truly matters – making well-informed decisions grounded in price action.

Intrigued by the possibilities of the Blueprint Software? Explore the provided links. And be sure to keep an eye out for our Black Friday offers – you wouldn’t want to miss out!

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