Profit Prowess Unleashed: Witnessing Day 2 of the Trade Scalper 3-Day Challenge!

Hello Traders! Welcome back to day two of our invigorating 3-day challenge, where we immerse ourselves in the dynamic world of the potent Trade Scalper software.

In this blog post, we’ll plunge into market analysis, scrutinize potential opportunities, and aim for another day of prosperous and triumphant trading. Before we proceed, it’s essential to emphasize the risks involved in trading. Always operate with funds you can afford to lose.

For those who missed the excitement on day one, fear not! You can catch up by following this link. It’s crucial to track our journey and extract valuable insights from each day’s experiences.

As we kick off day two, the market unfolds with enticing prospects. Four long signals grace the chart, indicating a robust upward trend. Additionally, a pre-market short signal adds an intriguing layer to our analysis.

Our decision to go long is rooted in the historical performance of past long signals, affirming a sturdy upward trend. Considering an Average True Range (ATR) of about two points, we’ve meticulously configured our profit target and stop-loss.

The Trade Scalper method distinguishes itself with the flexibility it extends to traders. Whether you opt for the ATM strategy for automatic target and stop placement or choose to manually adjust, it’s about maintaining control over your trades.

Unlike traditional indicators, the Trade Scalper method relies on price action. Understanding this method empowers traders with skills beyond conventional indicators like moving averages or Bollinger Bands.

Timing holds paramount importance in day trading, and the Trade Scalper method grants you the freedom to select your trades. There’s no obligation to trade every signal; instead, focus on quality trades during specific times of the day. Remember, often, less is more.

It’s heartening to witness traders with funded accounts across various platforms successfully employing the Trade Scalper method. The simplicity and effectiveness of this price action strategy resonate with traders seeking consistent profits.

To bolster your learning journey, we offer live training sessions and a free member account laden with valuable resources. Whether you’re a novice or an adept trader, there’s always room for refinement and improvement in your trading skills.


As we anticipate the market’s evolution and the realization of our profit target, ensure you’ve downloaded the necessary indicators and explored our free member account at Stay tuned for the conclusive day of our 3-day Trade Scalper challenge, and until then, happy trading!

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