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Hello Traders! It’s Friday, and just like you, I’m looking forward to wrapping up early. Today, I’m excited to share a brief yet insightful four-minute video demonstrating the powerful Roadmap proprietary software from Day Trade to Win. But before we start, remember: trading involves risks. Never trade with money you cannot afford to lose.

Discovering the Roadmap Trading Software

On my screen, you’ll see the Roadmap Trading Software, compatible with both TradingView and NinjaTrader. Right now, there’s a significant opportunity to sell. The market is trending lower and has broken through the Roadmap zone, indicating a prime short trade setup.

Spotting the Sell Signal

Earlier, the market touched the edge of the Roadmap, suggesting a possible reversal or counter-trend trade. If you acted quickly, you could have gone long as the market moved back up to the Roadmap zone. However, the current scenario shows the market continuing to move lower, presenting a strong sell signal. At 10:55, the market broke the zone, signaling a short trade.

Executing the Trade

Here’s how I executed the trade:

  • Order Placement: I placed an order to go short two ticks below the Roadmap zone.
  • Training & Strategy: This technique is thoroughly covered in our live trading room sessions, videos, and training classes. We emphasize understanding price action for making informed trades.
  • Clear Signals: I rely on clear, definitive signals. The market breaking the Roadmap zone is a clear indicator to go short.

Setting Targets and Stops

To determine my target, I refer to the ATR (Average True Range), which is 2.74. My stop loss is set similarly. Additionally, I incorporate a time element—this trade should resolve (either hitting the stop or the profit target) within 10-15 minutes. I avoid holding trades longer than necessary.

Monitoring and Adjusting

As the trade progresses, I remain vigilant for additional short signals. If another signal appears, I might hold the position longer. However, any signals to go long would prompt me to reconsider. Combining methods like the Blueprint, Atlas Line, or Trade Scalper enhances our ability to achieve the best results.

Achieving a Successful Trade

The target was hit, and I’ve marked the entry and exit points on the chart to demonstrate this live opportunity. This is a real-time trade, not a market replay. The market breaking the zone again presents another sell opportunity. If you’re using the Roadmap, you’ll recognize the same potential.


Friday is ideal for quick trades—get in, get out, and enjoy your weekend. Today, I wrapped up by noon EST, trading for just about two and a half hours. Join us in the live trading room every day to learn how to trade price action effectively.

Don’t miss out on these opportunities. Visit Day Trade to Win to learn more about our software, available for NinjaTrader and TradingView. Happy trading, and have a fantastic weekend!

Maximize your trading success with the Roadmap Trading Software and transform your approach to the markets. Join our community and trade with confidence!

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