Top Trading Mistakes to Avoid: Navigating Trend vs. Counter-Trend Strategies

Trading the E-mini S&P 500 (ES) market open can be both exciting and challenging. To take advantage of market movements, it’s crucial to understand how to effectively employ breakout and counter-trend strategies.

In this post, we’ll explore two real-world examples using the Roadmap software, showcasing how to trade with the trend and against it.

Breakout Trading: Riding the Trend

When the market shows strong momentum, riding the trend can be very profitable. Let’s look at a scenario that highlights this approach:

Example: Long Trade in a Strong Market

  • Market Conditions: The market is highly volatile, with the Average True Range (ATR) close to five points, indicating substantial movement.
  • Strategy: Using the Roadmap software, we track key zones. As the market breaks through Zone A and continues past Zone C, it confirms a strong trend.
  • Execution: Enter a long position as the market breaks through these zones. The Roadmap software offers clear entry and exit points, allowing you to capitalize on the ongoing momentum.

In this situation, the key is to hold onto the trade as long as the trend stays strong. The software’s zones serve as reliable indicators, guiding traders to make informed decisions.

Counter-Trend Trading: Capturing Reversals

Not every market scenario will display a clear trend. Sometimes, the market encounters resistance and reverses. Understanding how to navigate these situations can be just as rewarding.

Example: Short Trade in a Reversing Market

  • Market Conditions: This morning, the market hit a zone but didn’t break through, suggesting potential resistance.
  • Strategy: As the market bounces off the zone, it creates an opportunity for a counter-trend trade.
  • Execution: Enter a short position at a favorable price as the market reverses off the zone. Set a stop just below the zone to protect your position.

Here, the market’s inability to break through the zone signals a potential reversal. By entering a counter-trend trade, you can take advantage of the market’s bounce and position yourself for a profitable move.

Key Considerations for Successful Trading

  1. Risk Management: Always trade with funds you can afford to lose. Market trading involves significant risks, and it’s essential to protect your capital.
  2. News Events: Be mindful of news events that can increase market volatility. During such times, carefully consider the additional risks before entering trades.
  3. Software Utilization: The Roadmap software offers unique insights into market manipulation, helping you make informed decisions without relying on prior resistance or support levels.


Mastering the E-mini S&P 500 market open requires a combination of breakout and counter-trend strategies. By leveraging tools like the Roadmap software, you can confidently navigate various market conditions. Whether you’re riding a strong trend or seizing a reversal opportunity, understanding these strategies will enhance your trading prowess.

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Happy trading!

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